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I sincerely hope that those who have been dropping by, have partly done so out of the curiosity of this changing site. The purpose of this site is a resource list for mutual aid, networking among the SAR community, and general education to the public as well as the individual units. 

  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, this site was conceived to be an aid for any team in the State, and therefore belongs to all of us.   Please get involved.    

The cost for a team is nothing. The M.S.P.O.A. has generously agreed to fund this site for all Search & Rescue Units in the State.  If you are a member of a recognized team in the state of Montana, please let me know and I will set up your units page as you would like it designed.  Any photographs, training's open to other units will be posted as you inform me.  It will include 1 email and a pay pal account so you may sell items to support your unit.   
Thank you!
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