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State SAR Committee Information Page
  This area is intended to explain the function, authority of the different committees as they oversee the interests of each individual counties pertaining to SAR.  This page and the subsequent pages, are primarily  intended for active SAR members, leaders and interested parties pertaining to the structure and organization of the different committees.
  For those who do not know, there is no State SAR in the state of Montana.  There is however, a committee who meets to over see special interests, laws and developing trends that would impact Search & Rescue in the state. 
  This group draws it's authority from the MSPOA, and the members chosen are appointed by the current President of the MSPOA.  This has been a long standing committee, and the group works with DES, and the department of Military Affairs on issues concerning Search & Rescue.
  If any leaders, of recognized, SAR groups in the state would like to have the opportunity to represent their group, large or small, now is the time to sign up for the committee's listed here. These changes that face us now will impact SAR for years to come.  Please input your concerns now.
  This site is sanctioned by the MSPOA, and is to be used as a networking tool to represent your SAR group in our state.  Please drop me a line, or join up to help in these items concerning this board.  This site will change often, as these committee's post their agendas, recommendations, and plans for all our future.